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vpnc graphical client on KDE 4.x

Recently I needed to configure a VPN connection in my workstation to connect with our corporate Server. That server uses a Cisco VPN solution so the support for this kind of VPN in Linux systems is offered by the vpnc client package.

vpnc client supports only CLI control and configuration. To be able to configure your vpnc connections in a graphical environment (KDE, Gnome, etc) you need to install another package. In my case I had to install the following package:

sudo yum install -y kde-plasma-networkmanagement-vpnc.x86_64

I’m sharing this with you because that package is not present in the official distro repos neither in EPEL. I’m using RHEL 7. After some seaching on the Internet I could find that pkg in the alternative nux repository.

After install this pkg I was able to configure my VPN connection using the graphical NetworkManager KDE applet. See one screenshot: